Sports Club Case Studies

David Callander, President, Bridge of Allan Sports Club

My tenure as President of Bridge of Allan Sports Club finished in March of this year, after five years as President, and another 4 years on the committee. We had several projects that I supervised and promoted within those five years. Two of the most important were the improvisation of a sustainable coaching programme, now completed, and the complete replacement of the gymnasium, also completed.

The work practice was on two levels. The first was to research and recommend a product that would be best for our members and stand the test of time, which the previous product did not. The second was to prove the financial gain to the Club, from this replacement.
I can state categorically that the service that I received from Paul Bodger was second to none. No false promises and the assistance in persuading me that the product was the one for us was so complete that I was confident that we would be best served with them. Research was comprehensive and I asked many questions and for many references which were forth coming and useful.

The second part of the practice was less easy; however again, a suitable appraisal of our membership and income revenue projections that Paul provided enabled me to persuade at committee level the Treasurer to go with the investment. This has proved to be a huge success within the Club and our subscription level has risen substantially since its inception.
Since the installation some three and a half years ago the service level has been excellent and the number of serious issue running at none. All minor issues and servicing have been excellent. I can highly recommend Paul Bodger, his expertise and his professionalism, and would be happy to speak in more detail if required.