Kettlbell Certification

The kettlebell is a cast iron weight looking somewhat like a cannonball with a handle.

This 2 Day Kettlebell Certification Course covers all of the Foundation drills (2 Hand Swing, 1 Hand Swing, 1 Hand Snatch, 1 Hand Clean, 1 Hand Press, 1 Hand Squat, 1 hand Turkish Get Up) plus progressions for all of these drills and Competition Exercises, such as the Jerk, and correctional drills to technique faults. Everything you would expect from a Kettlebell Instructor Course and more!

Kettlebells are an excellent addition to the arsenal of different tools that a trainer can use for their clients. Kettlebells are fantastic for functional training, fat loss programmes, hypertrophy and fitness gains.

We will teach you the science behind Kettlebell training as well as how to apply it into your programmes.

Learn the biomechanics of using the Kettlebell for your training, the benefits of Kettlebell training over other systems, and the foundation Kettlebell drills. 16 REPS CPD points, e-manual and added extras all included.