Powerbag Training Course

Powerbag Coaching

The Powerbag was first introduce d in 2003 as a totally revolutionary, functional, soft-to-touch weight training system. Over the years they have been used extensively in Sport (England Rugby World cup winning squad, Coventry City FC and the LTA), as an integral part of the strength and conditioning programmes of the elite athletes and the junior development squads, and of course the Armed Forces and Emergency Services. If you are interested in truly functional training, then this 1-day course Powerbag Coach Course will teach you how to utilize this amazing piece of equipment for Olympic Lifting, Complex Movement Patterns, Jumps, Drops, Throws, Core Stabilization and Rehabilitation.

We will teach you the science behind Powerbag training as well as how to apply it into your programmes. Learn the biomechanics of using the Powerbag for your training, the benefits of Powerbag training over other systems, and the huge versatility of exercises.

9 REPS CPD points, e-manual and added extras all included.