Marketing campaign launch & support session

Client receives a half day session, hosted by gymdesigners, that will provide the clients team members with a full explanation of how the marketing campaigns will work and thus support the implementation of the marketing campaign and associated materials .

Session will include:

  • Presentation and explanation of the marketing campaigns
  • Presentation and explanation of all marketing materials
  • Some ideas and ways for the clients team members to deal with enquiries
  • Overcoming objections -focusing on the positives and the client?s facilities USP?s
  • Present the price -making the decision to buy an emotional one
  • Touring and closing techniques -"ask for the sale, ask twice, then ask again"
  • Question and answer session
  • The session will be both informative and motivational, providing the clients team members with a comprehensive understanding of the campaign as well as providing them with some basic selling strategies and some key sales skills whilst still selling "softly".

£150.00 + VAT