Frontline Fundamentals – Sales support training for front of house

Frontline Fundamentals is a half day programme that will provide members of your front of house team with the knowledge they need to be invaluable within the sales process. They will learn the fundamentals of selling and initial contact and the programme will provide team members with the knowledge to perform their role in the sales process with comfort and ease.

Session will include:

  • Selling fundamentalsand the power of your role
  • Customer needs and expectations-Initial contact techniques
  • Dealing with sales enquiries over the phone-How the appointment system works
  • How to identify a prospects needs and the handover strategy
  • Meet and greet, body languageand advanced communication skills
  • Frontline Fundamentals is all about ensuring that the clients front of house team have a comprehensive understanding of how to operate a simple member and potential member management system. It will also give them a full understanding of just how important their role is. The front of house team are key to any clients business as they will often be a potential members first point of contact -you only get one chance to make a good first impression. Frontline fundamentals will also provide them with some basic selling strategies and some key sales skills.

£150.00 + VAT