Selling Softly – Sales training for non-sales team members

Many fitness operators simply don?t have the resources to employ a dedicated sales person or team. Operators are then reliant on the fitness and front of house teams to fulfill a dual role and ask them to sell memberships irrespective of skill or experience in this area.

This intensive two day programme, hosted by a gymdesigners sales and marketing professional, addresses this problem by providing sales training tailored to meet the needs of non-sales team members. The programme covers all aspects of selling fitness and provides team members with the knowledge to perform their role in the sales process with comfort and ease.

Session will include:

  • Lead management and making the process work for you
  • Know your facilities USP?s -feature/benefit/emotion formula
  • What makes a great sales professional-how to sell "softly?
  • Understand what the prospect is looking for
  • Advanced Communication skills-understanding what people buy
  • Pre -chat /Needs analysisand dynamic tours
  • Finding a solution for your prospect
  • Taking incoming calls and the art of lead follow up
  • Objection handling and presenting your prices effectively
  • Selling Fitness -Sales training for non-sales team members is both informative and motivational, providing team members with a comprehensive set of key sales skills and a sound understanding of how to sell fitness, giving them the confidence to perform in a sales capacity with comfort and ease.

£600.00 + VAT